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Paul Jones founded Ice & Beverage Solutions in 2003.

Our prospective customers told us that the 2 major syrup suppliers provided dictitorial contracts with free equipment and free service as the lure.

Well surely if your owned your own equipment and sourced a great syrup, then you would make more money? Yes, well a thousand other business just like yours, would love to share their story.  

We designed the first Beverage Audit in Australia, and it’s free.  As a matter of fact, this audit illustrates what a sleeping giant your Post Mix is for your business.

Having distribution, service and support Australia wide is a key point of of difference.  This is because we are truly passionate about contributing to your success.  

That will be our legacy.

Ice & Beverage Solutions is a One Stop Shop for all your Beverage needs.  The Post Mix equipment and Syrup also accompanies Beer Systems, Ice Machines, Slushee and Slurpie machines and Syrups.

With a sole focus on providing the highest quality products and services to customers, Ice & Beverage Solutions will always recommend and supply the equipment best suited for your business needs at a very competitive price. 

We will not jepordise quality to compete, or be compared with an imported and non Australian Standards approaved equipment.

Our Guarantee:

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