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We supply, fit and maintain a wide range of ice machines. Our selection of equipment is fit to service any establishment, from low volume, to high volume. Regardless of how many customers you serve, we have an ice machine that will suit you and your businesses needs.

The brand that we promote is Ice -O-Matic, which are high-quality, modern and built to last. We offer warranties for up to 5 years on our equipment as opposed to the standard 12 and 24 months some other distributors provide. The machines we supply also have less PC boards. This means they’re more mechanical and significantly less prone to breakdowns. This will also cut costs for you on repairs and maintenance.

The units below are the most commonly used models. We have access to Bagging Systems, Flaked Ice, Combined Water & Ice Dispensers, Chewable Ice Types, Automated Ice Transporting & Cart Style Systems, so please let us know what solution we can provide to meet your needs

Another solution we offer are ice wells (Post Mix). These are an extremely economical way of storing ice and keeping your post mix cold. The ice chills the soda and syrup lines that are encased in the base of the ice well while also offering up to 20kg’s of ice storage for serving purposes. With zero refrigeration and virtually no running costs with refrigeration and motors that run around the clock it’s easy to see that the machine has an improved lifespan and that use would result in reduced electrical and maintenance expenses.

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We endorse the Ice-O-Matic brand of Ice Machines for one simple reason – Reliability.

Many imported Ice Machines quote equivalent models but fail to advise what air & water temperatures this is based on. We quote in line with industry standards, which is 32° air & 21° water (the cooler the environment the more production).

We offer Australia wide service and support, which accompanies parts availability in each state.

* Based on Australian standards – 32° air and 21° water temperatures
** Available on Castors to ensure under 900 bench height

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