Frozen Beverages

Our Frozen Beverage Solutions offer extreme flexibility to our clients and are a great point of difference for your business. If you are simply seeking the pre mix Slushee, Granita or Slurpee equipment and Syrup to support your business, then we have the solution for you.

When we supply you with a frozen beverage machine we ensure that there is no lock in contracts for you. This allows you to have extreme flexibility over your flavours and branding. Because our cost of goods are so low, we will have you reaping a profit off your frozen beverages in no time.

In a Slurpee®, did you know?

Our FCB Syrup of 15 litres can produce up to 175 Litres of finished drink.

Each 600ml of product costs up to $0.34 each to produce.


frozen beverage


Cola                Lemon Lime Bitters                    Bubble Gum
Raspberry      Blue Lemonade                           Grape        


Slushee/Granita-Flavours 5 to 1

Cola                Tropical                   Grape          Raspberry      
Lime               Blue Lemonade       Mango        Strawberry

Daiquiri-Flavours 4 to 1

Cola               Sex on the Beach    Raspberry  Pina Colada
Mango            Blue Lemonade       Mojito        Illusion                    

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