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We Quench Your Thirst for Profit ™

Since 2003, we have shown hundreds of venues that our Free Beverage Audit can deliver venues up to 20K per annum of incremental profit*. Sure, pricing is important, but more so is the quality of our flavours. When a company that has been producing soft drinks in Australia for the past 160 years resells our post mix signature range under their brand – it tells you we’re not the only ones who believe it’s good!

With low power consumption, a wide range of innovative flavours and the ability to independently own your machines, our Post Mix Systems and Syrups are ideal for any business looking for a beverage solution.

One of the most important differences between us and the big bottlers is that we aim to see you get the largest profit possible from your dispensing systems. Our syrup, in many instances, is up to 150% lower in price than other wholesalers. If you’ve got a thirst for profit, we can quench it.

The flavours we currently offer are:

  • Cola     (Don‘t take our word it’s good. Try it?)
  • Sugar Free Cola                  (Loads of Flavour)
  • Lemon Squash          (Real Pub Squash Taste)
  • Lemonade
  • Lemon, Lime & Bitters
  • Raspberry
  • Ginger Ale
  • Orange Juice           
  • Tonic Water
  • Saxbys Ginger Beer

All of these flavours compliment a full range of Daiquiri and Slushee/Granita style mixes, which we also distribute.

The systems we supply are also extremely environmentally friendly. Our top-of-the-range dispensers have ice wells included which keep the mix cool as well as the ice storage.  This cuts further costs for you on electricity and maintenance and is a great way to ensure your business has minimal impact on the environment (clink on the link below, Ice Well -The Most Efficient Post Mix Chiller).

With our machines, you can either own or rent which means you have no contract to lock you into specific flavours or branding. This offers you flexibility with what you offer your customers and allows you to to be able to change and update flavours depending on what works for you. We also can create your very own branded flavours which gives you a point of difference to your customers. 

Your establishment should be all about you and your brand, not somebody else’s. 

Look at the profit example below.

Coke Flavours
Box Size
All brands based on 15ltr boxes for this analysis
Ratio soda to syrup
Finished litres per box
Note: IBS delivers more litres per box than CCA & Pepsi

Assumptions Excluding GST, Freight & Rebates should they apply
Cost per box
Glass size (ltr)
Cost per glass
This value assumes an average of 30% ice per glass, $0.01 for Ice & $0.02 for CO2.


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