New or upgraded Post Mix Systems offer
surprising affordability

New data released recently from independently owned and operated Ice and Beverage Solutions shows venues seeking to install a new or updated Post Mix System can make a profit on weekly payments with no negative impact on cash flow.

“For an average weekly net cost of $90, venues can increase revenue, cut electricity costs, and provide attractive alternatives to increase customers,” says Ice and Beverage Solutions Founder, Paul Jones.

“As cash flow is the single most important financial factor for a venue to manage, this rent option, presents a viable alternative – increased revenue will more than cover the cost of the weekly payments,” states Paul.

Other advantages of the Ice & Beverage Solution finance offering include:

  • No Upfront Payments
  • No Bond or Documentation Fees
  • No payments for 4 weeks
  • Rent to Own for $1 at end of term
  • Option to Purchase outright at each anniversary
  • Repayments reduce by 10% each year you continue to rent
  • Upgrade at end of term and receive refund of 2 months’ worth of payments
  • Simple seamless application

For those businesses wanting the take advantage of the immediate 20K deduction for assests, you have until June 30 to seek financial advice as to which option best suits your business.

The Ice & Beverage Solutions Post Mix system is unique in that it eliminates the need for unnecessary bells and whistles – hence unnecessary costs.

With the one machine, you receive two services: Instead of having a separate Ice Well for serving from, the ice well is included within the machine – saving significant amounts on electricity; the ice also offers up to twenty kilograms of ice storage for serving purposes.

Ice Well - Covered
post mix systems
Ice Well - Uncovered

With no refrigeration and motors that run around the clock, the Ice & Beverage Solutions Post Mix system significantly reduces running, maintenance and servicing costs.

Paul can also advise on Government established Energy Saving incentives and Environmental schemes available for businesses to consider reducing electricity consumption

About Ice & Beverage Solutions:

Following 10 years of corporate account management within the Post Mix Industry, Paul Jones saw the need to provide solutions which were free of the fixed contracts and pricing offered by the big bottlers. Since 2003, he has built Ice and Beverage Solutions into a respected national provider, offering end to end solutions including custom design and flavour branding services.

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