9 top brews to attach to your beer system

Customers know what they like when it comes to food and drink. They’ll try new things occasionally, but they keep coming back to the same place because it’s familiar and friendly. With our beer systems you have the freedom to choose what to put on tap, and we list 9 top brews here.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

The first brewery was opened in 200 and has been pleasing customers ever since. Their pale ales and lagers delight consumers locally and abroad with their punchy flavours.

Fat Yak

This beer markets itself as fresh with notes of passionfruit and melon. You can buy it by the case, it it’s nice to have it attached to the beer system just in time for that Friday arvo pint.

Stone and Wood

Brewed in Byron Bay, this craft beer was started by two mates wanting to ‘stick it’ to the corporate life. Stone and Wood has grown from a small brewery servicing a small crowd to an Aussie favourite.


This Mexican concoction is often served with a slice of lime or lemon for an extra punch.

Cooper’s Pale Ale

Cooper’s is a staple in pubs around Oz, held high at football games and nights out with mates. The nice layer of foam after it’s pulled makes it picture-perfect. Your beer system will get a workout with this brew.

Minimum Chips

From the company that gave us Fat Yak! It’s not your takeaway order but something just as good. Minimum Chips was made to go with seafood, brewed with floral and citrus notes.


Not just for the Japanese salarymen after work! Asahi is a go-to brew for mates and work colleagues after a long day.

One Fifty Lashes

The story behind the name? James Squire was caught stealing ingredients for beer…and the judge ordered he be lashed 150 times. After he recovered from his punishment, he brewed the beer that’s since grown to be an Aussie classic.

Any of the brews from Newstead Brewing Co

Newstead Brewing Co has fans all around Brisbane flocking to their outlets even on a weeknight. There’s over a dozen varieties to choose from, like lagers, pale ales to ciders. Their aromas and flavours delight even the pickiest brew-aficio nado.

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