Setting the bar for success

The bar area has a high amount of traffic every night from patrons ordering drinks. But to make your establishment as efficient as possible you must think of it as more than just an area to mix cocktails.

Location location location

Yes, the bar location matters. Putting at the back makes it a more intimate space for people to chat, away from the loud hustle of the restaurant.

The bar’s real estate, though, is a central hub of activity. If you want a lively, social establishment, when designing your restaurant it’s ideal to place the drinks area in the middle of the whole space or at least taking up the most of it. Staff will also have to run drinks from the bar to customers and it’s easier for them if the area is centrally located.

Waiter, waiter!

Lots of bars double as a wait station or at least have one attached. The bar acts as a vantage point where wait staff can cast an eye over the whole restaurant. They can see who needs service and run out drink orders as soon as they’re ready.

However, wait staff and bar staff won’t always get along during a shift because there’s limited space. Installing several POS systems infront and behind the bar so both sets of staff can take orders is one solution.

Safety first

Anticipate OH&S risks so that you can’t prevent them. The bar will quickly become a wet area thanks to spilt drinks (it happens) dripping ice, and so forth. Rubber matting that’s regularly cleaned will stop the staff from slipping.

Hygiene also matters and it’s vital the whole restaurant is cleaned regularly. Drill into the staff the importance of cleaning up after themselves, and the area they’re responsible for.

Your bar is where customers will spend a lot of time and it’s certainly where some of your staff will ‘live’ during their shift. There’s so many factors to consider but efficiency, design, and safety need attention.

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