Why hospitality loves post mix

Post mix is an underappreciated resource. Patrons don’t care to know much about post mix systems, but they should know they’re an integral part of any bar or restaurant. They’ll rarely walk into a pub, restaurant, or other establishment and get their drinks any other way.

Post mix systems and syrups are quality products that get a LOT of bang for their buck. The syrups come in various flavours that customers are familiar with. You can’t walk into an Australian restaurant without seeing lemon squash, lemon lime and bitters or glasses of soda water garnished with fruit. These drinks stream steadily from the post mix systems found at the bar.

Hospitality managers and restaurant owners love post mix systems because they’re economical. The soda gun guarantees less waste because customers are getting drinks from a few soda guns rather than hundreds of bottles. This benefits the environment because less plastic and glass from used drink bottles goes into the bin.

The establishment gets some good out of it too. They’re reducing the amount of waste, both garbage and product-wise, and are using more product for less cost. Staff are also spending less time hauling soft drink bottles from storage because the drink is available, literally, at the push of a button. They can serve thirsty customers rapidly and make several drinks at once. If a table ordered five lemon squashes, it’s a simple matter of lining up the glasses and letting the soft drink flow. Even if it’s five separate drinks, each one a different flavour, the staff just needs to move their thumb over a different button to draw the right one.

The hospitality industry loves post mix for a number of reasons. The syrups come in concentrated form, so the staff can draw more drinks from the soda gun for less, and there’s less waste because the drinks come from an integrated system, saving money and time. Ice & Beverage Solutions provide affordable, efficient systems and some exclusive flavours that both businesses and patrons can enjoy.

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