Beer systems to beverage syrups; the one stop shop

Monthly invoices in hospitality establishments often include something for their beer systems, beverage syrups, and ice machines. Businesses trust Ice & Beverage Solutions to provide quality products, and we deliver on all angles.

Everyday around Australia, from early morning to afternoon tea time, you’ll see commuters with paper coffee cups in their hands. Customers know what they like, whether it’s a flat white with extra foam, a cappuccino on soy, or even a double strength macchiato. Some want no sugar, two scoops of sugar, or something different.

Franchised coffee outlets sell flavoured coffees alongside the regular items available. These lattes are made with coffee syrup. You’ll find them next to the coffee machine; there’s a whole range from hazelnut to vanilla, chocolate to strawberry. Baristas go through these quickly on a normal trading day and need a steady supply. Ice & Beverage Solutions is flexible with demand, allowing our clients to choose how much variety they want in their order. Vanilla latte, anyone?

We also supply post mix syrup to go with your post mix system. The syrup is essentially concentrated soft drink. It’s mixed with filtered water and CO2 in the system when the bartender presses the button on the soda gun. Presto, lemon squash! No mess, no fuss, no going out the back for stock. Post mix syrups come in 15 litre bags and are a much better return on investment than regular bottled soft drinks. Bartenders can fill up multiple glasses during rush periods, like lunch and dinner.

A beer system, whether one or several, is commonplace in hospitality establishments. Ice & Beverage Solutions allows our clients to own their system without a lock-in contract. They’ll also have the flexibility to source the beer they know their customers love. The beer system gets a workout everyday, especially on game nights! It’s an investment that pays for itself, and our clients get the extra savings. No lock-in contract means no extra fees!

Ice & Beverage Solutions is the one-stop-shop for cafes, bars, and pubs around Queensland because we’re flexible and affordable. Come the lunch rush, morning coffee run, and game night, the purchases pay for themselves, and then some.

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