6 surefire ways to get ready for busy nights, from your post mix supply to the staff

Friday night, post-work drinks and kick-offs are always busy periods for bars and pubs everywhere. You ice machine and beer systems are getting a workout and the kitchen is at full speed. Something is bound to run out or break if you’re not prepared. Run through our checklist to make sure you’re ready before the crowds roll in.

1: Your post mix is stocked

A 15 litre box of our post-mix syrup can supply up to 93 litres of soft drink. Our competitors can only deliver between 70 – 80 litres in comparison. This is enough to keep the bar going for a while, but when you need to reconnect it has to be fast. When you order post mix syrup, order several extra boxes in preparation for those big footy/fight nights.

2: The ice well is full

The post-mix system’s integrated ice well chills the soda lines so it’s important to make sure it’s full and ready to go. When the bar area is long and there’s several serving stations, you have the potential to install a couple of systems. There’s also the option of having one or two modular ice wells for the bar staff making cocktails. Everyone clamouring over one or two ice wells just isn’t practical.

3: Your Co2 kegs are connected

The pressure needs to run so the drinks can be pumped without delay. Have the main kegs and the backups lined up and ready to go. There’s nothing worse than flat soft drink.

4: Your staff are ready

Your staff must know how to swap empty bottles and post-mix boxes. Have the experienced people teach the newcomers. It’s important to know how to mix a mojito and change a post-mix box/CO2 keg.

5: The establishment is clean

Customers are your most valuable asset, and their word matters. This is why it’s vital that your floors are mopped, the counters wiped down, and the liquor bottles dusted. Social media spreads news fast, whether it’s good or bad. You don’t want customers saying you have sticky floors or counters.

6: The schedules are up-to-date

Cleaning schedules, delivery schedules, staff schedules, everything. On busy nights, having the more experienced staff on hand will lessen the stress. Newcomers, like casuals and trainees, can find busy nights overwhelming.

The same goes for the ordering and delivery schedules. After big nights, you’ll have to stock up on the beer, the post-mix syrup, and the food. Arrange a time every month or two to get the systems inspected.

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