5 amazing ways the beer and post-mix system boosts revenue

When your establishment needs a new beer or post-mix system, there’s usually upfront costs involved. Good stuff always seems to come with a lot of fees and terms, but that’s the difference between us and ‘them’. We’ve listed the five things that make us different:

1: Everything’s integrated

The post-mix system has an ice well that chills the post-mix. What does this do? Well, it’ll save the money you might otherwise lose on your electricity bill. Having the post-mix lines run through the ice well means drinks are ready to serve right from the bar gun.

2: No set minimum

We’re not strict on minimums or ‘sets’. If you only need to order one particular bottle of coffee syrup or one box of post-mix, don’t worry. One is all you need, and one is what we’ll deliver.

3: If we don’t have it in stock…

Then we deliver it for FREE when we have it back in the warehouse. Though we rarely run out of stock, it’s better to make up for the inconvenience.

4: No commitment necessary

We supply the system, and you have the freedom to choose your own beer. Your customers come to you because they like what you have on tap, whether it’s Forty Lashes or Fat Yak. We don’t have an upfront payment system, we don’t even expect money from you until four weeks after installation.

Our flexible system has given pub owners the freedom to stick with what they know and save money on rental fees. With every anniversary, there’s the option of purchasing the beer and post-mix systems outright.

5: Less money on bills

Integrated post-mix systems and a commitment-free policy means you save money on overheads. Electricity bills are slashed because the ice does an efficient job of cooling the post-mix and soda lines.

With a beer system, you’re usually forced to buy from an associated beverage brand, with products often sold at an exorbitant mark-up. This is essentially paying commission. When you rent or buy the beer system, the costs otherwise spent on upfronts and bond goes back to the business.

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