Post mix syrup stretches dollars

Post mix syrup is an essential component to the aptly-named post mix system. One won’t work without the other. Bars, restaurants, and other outlets rely on them to supply a steady stream of beverages at point of sale. They save money, of course, but at Ice & Beverage Solutions we have exclusive flavours next to the old favourites.

Post mix syrup is a concentrated flavoured syrup for soft drink that’s shipped direct from wholesaler to client. Tubes connect the syrups to the post mix system. When the person operating the soda gun presses the right button, the soft drink will come out as normal. The syrup and carbonated water is mixed automatically in the machine. No mess, no fuss.

Ice & Beverage Solutions has made headway in creating unique post mix syrups and dispensing systems. Classic flavours like cola, lemonade, and ginger ale are still staples, but we’ve made headway in creating sugar free syrups. Customers are more conscious about what they consume, and we saw a need for a syrup they can drink and not feel guilty about enjoying. Sugar-free options include:

  • Sugar Free Cola Sugar Free Bubble Gum Sugar Free Fairy Floss
  • Fairy floss? Bubble gum? Why, you ask?

Well, why not?

Customers enjoy cocktails, so Ice & Beverage Solutions created some unique flavours for our clients. These flavours are compatible with our own Daiquiri and Granita mixes.

Post mix syrups stretch the dollars just as much as the tastebuds. One fifteen litre bag of syrup can equal over a thousand glasses, depending on the establishment. We also price our syrups 150% below our competitors. We’re not just economical on value; we’re mindful about staying economical about price.

Post mix syrup saves time and money, and our unique flavours give our customers a just-as-unique selling point. New sugar-free options open the doors to health-conscious customers, along with bubblegum flavours for someone in need of a fancy beverage on a Friday night.

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