The Ice & Beverages of Swannie’s Function Room

Swannie’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar is one of Southport’s finest food and beverage destinations. Since their opening in August last year, they have expanded not only their loyal following, but also their services offering far more than your typical eatery. This incredible restaurant offers a vast range of dining experiences. Swannie’s have branched out into catering for their very own day cruise experience, ‘Swannie’s on the Sea’ and have also opened up a magnificent function room, serviced by none other than Ice & Beverage Solutions.

Paul Jones, the man at the helm of Ice & Beverage Solutions is renowned in the beverage world for getting the job done. Determination and drive is what Ice & Beverage Solutions brings to each establishment they install into. Nothing ever gets in the way or making sure everything goes to plan, on time and on budget and that was especially present in the case of Swannie’s function room.

We caught up with Chris Lappan who manages the happenings at Swannie’s function room to find out a bit about their freshly installed, Ice & Beverage systems.

How have things been going since the opening of the function room?

It’s only been two weeks since we opened our doors, but we’re nothing short of busy. We’ve had four functions over both weekends which has been fantastic to say the least. We’ve gotten great use of the venue so far, we’re filling it up with people that we normally wouldn’t have in the venue, so it’s been a great success.

Ice & Beverage Solutions supplied and commissioned the post-mix equipment, ice machine and beer system. As Ice & Beverage Solutions had their syrup in the restaurant, the function room mirrored the same arrangement. Are you getting much use out of this equipment at this stage?

Absolutely. Obviously it’s very good to have the ice well post mix system. No refrigeration means lower running costs, and we do lots of cold drinks in the summertime so that’s extremely convenient. Since we’re filling up the room we are continually serving drinks all round which means the post-mix machine is definitely getting great use.

How are the staff with using the system?

The staff already know how to use all the systems efficiently. As you know Paul fit the equipment in the restaurant so it’s been absolutely seamless, no need for additional training, no need for manuals, it gave us the opportunity to hit the ground running especially because the equipment is easy to use regardless.

Have you had to do any maintenance on any of your new or previously fitted machines?

Absolutely none so far, the equipment that Paul fitted is very durable and high in quality.

How does your experience with Ice & Beverage Solutions shape up when compared to the big bottlers?

I’ve had some experience with the big beverage companies and, to be honest, the were quite average. They’d sell you the product and supply the machine, but when that breaks down it’s days before they get someone to come and help you out. This means days of downtime, not being able to serve customers and taking a financial hit.

That’s not the worst part either, because they put you on a contract, you just have to deal with it. Going independent is a lot better, being independent of contracts and stuff like that – it’s just much more attractive.

To book your next function or to simply go and taste the amazing drinks Ice & Beverage Solutions have made possible, head to 34 Nerang St, Southport to see Swannie’s for yourself.

For more information on what Paul Jones and his highly equipped team can do for you, call (07) 5578 9820 or email to get in touch today!

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