The Ice & Beverages of Swannie’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Swannie’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar is one of Southport’s finest food and beverage destinations. For a place that was birthed as a start-up business with only eight months in the making, it has grown to be an iconic location for Southport locals and corporates alike.

Ice & Beverage Solutions are proud to have supplied their services to Swannie’s, having installed all of the establishments ice machines,post mix and beer dispensing systems.

The relationship between Ice & Beverage Solutions and Swannie’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar began with a simple Google search made by co-owner Felicity Lombard.

“I needed someone who knew their stuff. I Googled and picked the top five organic Google results that came back for ice machines, post mix and beer system solutions. I phoned all of them and most of them didn’t answer. A few then left messages and most never got back to me. When I phoned Paul Jones of Ice & Beverage Solutions, he answered straight away and he was on site the very next day. His customer service was truly delightful.”

Paul Jones is renowned in the beverage world for getting the job done. Determination and drive is what Ice & Beverage Solution brings to each establishment they install into. Nothing gets in the way of making sure everything goes to plan, on time and on budget.

“Throughout the whole process we needed some real overtime, probably to the point where Paul was out of pocket, but he didn’t mind. He did not complain at all throughout the massive days he spent here. He was here after hours, early mornings, he even came in sick a few times. He just got the job done, he did whatever he had to do to make sure everything was perfect. I knew he’d handle it all from front to back – that peace of mind is unbeatable.”

In comparison to the big bottlers, Paul Jones and Ice & Beverage Solutions do whatever they can to offer businesses a competitive price point. Paul takes his client’s profit margins very seriously. Lombard believes that she made the best possible choice when it came to a cost effective solution by putting her beverages in the hands of Paul.

“I’ve had dealings with the big bottlers before and looking back on that, the price point Paul gave me was unreal, it beat all those guys. That and the ability to call on him whenever needed, it was the perfect solution, it just worked.”

Swannie’s Restaurant and Lounge Bar opened on the 5th of August to an incredible reception from locals, prominent business figures and media. With raving reviews it’s leading the dining and nightlife revolution that is currently underway in Southport. You can tell the owners have poured every ounce of their vision into this beautifully constructed eatery which offers food, drink and atmosphere that simply cannot be beaten.

“Everything we’ve done, we’ve sought to do well. The furniture is good, the cutlery is good, the property is good, the decor is good, the service is good, the quality of food and the quality control is good. Basically every component of this business fits together and works and over-delivers for what it is. One of the parts where you see that shine through is in our ice and beverage systems installed by Paul Jones himself.”

To get wined and dined and taste the amazing drinks Ice & Beverage Solutions have made possible, head to 34 Nerang St, Southport and see Swannie’s for yourself. For more information on what Paul Jones and his highly equipped team can do for you, call (07) 5578 9820 or email to get in touch today.

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