Your Profitable Beverage Solutions Lie In Your Postmix Machine

Ice & Beverage Solutions are truly dedicated to their customers when it comes to value for money. Founder, Paul Jones, first came onto the post mix scene after noticing that the independent market was being neglected in terms of service and support. Ever since, Ice & Beverage Solutions have been delivering the service that was once lacking to an industry dominated by ‘big bottlers‘.

With a true passion for delivering the best service, for less, Ice & Beverage Solutions offer nothing but unbeatable profitability when it comes to their post mix.

One of the many benefits to Ice & Beverage Solutions carefully picked post mix machines is that they are incredibly low with their power consumption, which means more drinks for you and less dollars accruing on your quarterly electricity bills. Ice & Beverage Solutions like to recommend their unique system, an ice well, to accompany your post mix. This is a fantastic way to save power as the ice well cools your post mix while simultaneously holding ice. A simple, yet effective way to get your saving started.

Another excellent positive is that with Ice & Beverage Solutions, you have the opportunity to independently own your own postmix machine. This means that there are no limits to the flavours of post mix syrup you can choose to serve, and there are no hidden costs to factor in down the road. Ice & Beverage Solutions keep it simple for their customers and offer complete and total transparency with their post mix machines and syrups.

One of the most important differences between Ice & Beverage Solutions and the big name alternatives is that Paul Jones and his team aim to see their customers get the largest profit possible from their dispensing systems. The post mix syrup Ice & Beverage Solutions offer, in many instances, is up to 150% lower in price than other wholesalers. This is what inspired Paul Jones’ to coin the phrase, “We quench your thirst for profit,” Ice & Beverage Solutions really do aim to see you get the most bang out of your buck.

litres per bag of syrup15
brix ratio ( X:1) where X =5.2
finished product per bagNO ICE935.2 +1 ratio x 15 litres
per finished litre$0.91
glass size 355ml0.355
average cost per glassNO ICE$0.32
average C02$0.01Assumption cost
total cost per glassNO ICE$0.33
average cost per glassWITH ICE$0.22Assumes 30% ice per glass
average C02 & Ice cost$0.02Assumption cost
total cost per glassWITH ICE$0.24
selling price per glass$3.95Suggestion
gross margin per glassWITH ICE$3.71

Take your beverage profitability to the next level and contact Ice & Beverage Solutions today to start reaping the benefits of having a post mix supplier you can count on.

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