Ice solutions and entertainment: keep the customers coming back

We specialise in ice solutions for your business, but we know a thing or two about hospitality and retail as well. Ice and Beverage has supplied the likes of Earth ‘n Sea, Outback Jacks and lots of other shops. If you need some advice about how to keep your customers happy, we have some tips for you.

Keep them cool Australian summers are brutal; the occasional hot Australian winter days are just as bad. Customers buy cool drinks for relief, and they’re used to having some amount of ice in a glass.

Ice and Beverage has ice solutions for every business; whether small, big or a franchise that needs units across several stores. The ice machines don’t run out quickly, and the post mix systems automatically cool the drinks before you even put any ice in!

Keep them entertained Parents like it when there’s space in the restaurant for kids to play; taverns, some pubs and restaurants have playtime areas for younger customers.

Our ice solutions, post mix systems, and syrups are cost-effective, so our customers save money on those monthly expenses. These get funnelled back into the business one way or another. There’s extra money for some gaming systems like pinball machines or a pool table.

Keep some machines accessible Bowling alleys, gaming centres, and some restaurants keep their drinks machines accessible to customers in public areas. If you’re a restaurant offering refill deals, it’s a good idea to keep a couple of drinks machines in the common areas. Frozen beverage machines like our Viper 2 Classic are popular for customers to fill up their cups with whatever flavours they like.

Whether it’s a frozen drink dispenser or an ice machine, our cost-effective post-mix and ice solutions help our customers run their businesses with lower overhead costs. They reap the rewards depending on how they use them. It could be as simple as a frozen drinks machine around for free refills.

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