Why Lowest Is Not Best

The internet is flooded with discounted Syrup pricing and sure, price is important, but in many instances the lowest price is not the best deal.

I firmly believe the price matters when the seller believes price matters most. This emphasis on pricing may reflect in the level or service and support you receive.

Frustrated due to irregular ordering & delivery timetables?

  • We have no minimum quantity or delivery days. local deliveries have up to 3 pickups per day with all interstate customers receiving goods within 48 hours. Some states are supplied by our local distributors, which also addresses these frustrations

Frustrated you don’t have a service agreement or commitment in place?

  • We personally manage every service and maintenance call within Australia. It’s very simple if your system is down you are not making money

Frustrated you must use a Computer to receive service, pay for goods or provide referral details?

  • A simple phone call 24/7. It is that easy. Put it to the test.
    We know we’re not the cheapest option in the market, but we make up for that by providing our clients outstanding service and support, which is supported by our guarantee below.
  • Dispatch of goods from the factory within 24 hours or it’s free
  • Money back if you are not 100% satisfied with product or service*
  • Quality product supported by the HACCP process
  • Honesty and integrity, accompanied by service and support second to none
  • To deliver more profit with each serving against the major bottlers

About Ice & Beverage Solutions:

Following 10 years of corporate account management within the Post Mix Industry, Paul Jones saw the need to provide solutions which were free of the fixed contracts and pricing offered by the big bottlers. Since 2003, he has built Ice and Beverage Solutions into a respected national provider, offering end to end solutions, design and bar management services.


Paul Jones

Ph: (07) 5578 9820 or after hours 0414938276
E: paul@iceandbeverage.com.au
W: www.iceandbeverage.com.au

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