The secret to getting the best ROI on frozen beverage systems

Frozen beverages are the essential drinks for hot, sticky summers and cinemas everywhere. Some restaurants and cafes will have ‘slushie machines’ around their bar. In coastal areas they’re a popular place for kids to congregate for second helpings after a long day at the beach, especially when there’s free refills on offer. Restaurant owners and managers are boosting their ROI thanks to getting more creative with their frozen drink options.

Purchasing a Viper 2 Ice and Beverage Solutions stocks the Viper 2 Frozen Beverage systems with no lock-in contract. Customers who purchase one of these powerhouses get reliability, value, and professional support all in one package.

Cornelius, the manufacture of Viper, has decades of innovation under its belt. Their machines have gone through multiple design (and redesign) phases before they go on the market.

Following expert advice Ice and Beverage Solutions provides help with branding as well as providing the frozen beverages systems themselves. We do the same with our coffee syrups, too! We help our customers as much, or as little, as they need, from design to picking flavours, all the way to installation.

Fun ideas; frozen cocktails Piña Colada, anyone? Or do you prefer mojitos? Ice and Beverage’s flexibility lets café and restaurant managers play with flavours as they like. Frozen cocktails are a novelty attraction that’s guaranteed to draw in customers looking for a fun drink on a night out. Put them together with post-mix flavours like fairy floss or lemonade and you have a winning combination!

Frozen beverages have expanded from their place in the cinema’s food and drink section. It’s becoming easier for restaurants and bars to use them as part of their own branding. The Viper 2, along with expert assistance from Ice and Beverage Solutions, gives establishments something new for customers to enjoy that doesn’t cost the earth.

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